Cost Management Consulting

Office Supplies

As part of a strategic sourcing project for office supplies, we will:

  • Analyze expenditure data from your procurement or AP system, General Ledger, or other records.
  • Identify purchasing trends and redundant purchasing route.
  • Integrate non-cost concerns, such as guaranteed customer service levels.
  • Develop a balanced scorecard analysis of your vendors, solicit RFPs, negotiate contracts, and rationalize your supplier base to maximize leverage.
  • Establish preferred vendors and implement clear purchasing procedures to ingrain ongoing savings behavior within your organization, including integration with your organization's purchasing systems.

Our success in this area includes:

  • Historically, we have looked at expenditures that range from
    $180,000 - $6,000,000 and generally save no less than 30%.

Samples include:

  • International Financial and Banking Institution: 46% savings as well as improved levels of service, inventory management, tracking and delivery.
  • Domestic Bank: 34% Savings.
  • Winter sports conglomerate: 42% Savings.
  • Beverage company: 40% Savings



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