Telecom Expense Reduction

Berlin Pacific Management Reports

Berlin Pacific maintains a reporting database to support decision making and to track progress through the lifecycle of a Telecom Expense Reduction project.

Services Inventory
A detailed inventory of existing telecom services broken down to the line and sub-service (e.g. DID) level with their associated costs. An accurate and detailed inventory is critical because, due to the deliberately complicated way vendors provide reporting, many companies have no idea exactly what they are paying for. The norm for many companies is that as long as the total is in line with previous bills they go ahead and pay.

Option Comparison
Typically there are multiple ways to save money. The options are presented in a format that allows side by side comparison and analysis of the leading possibilities. This helps select the optimum vendor/service combination and to prioritize changes.

Site Changes
Berlin Pacific keeps an extensive record of all service changes and expected cost savings. Clients have a complete picture of how and when their services will change. Information includes the new vendor, quality of service, expected savings, and the individual responsible for deploying the change. This is the main project management vehicle and gives the company an audit trail to ensure the savings are as promised and invoiced.

Management Scorecard
Easy to read report of progress and cost savings for the management team.

Cost Savings Documentation
We report all savings in an easy to read report. We also extensively document all of our client’s cost savings so our clients can verify how much they save each month.



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