Berlin Pacific

Since 1998, we at Berlin Pacific have been using our expertise to help clients in a variety of industries cut costs of IT and Telecom and add new services.

Based in New York we've helped small and medium sized businesses, as well Fortune 500 and financial firms, cut costs and improve business operations.

Our goal is to unlock value for customers by permanently reducing costs or adding services, increasing profits and shareholder value.

Knowledge and Experience

Berlin Pacific expertise stays current with telecom industry services, technology, and pricing. We have a network of experts to provide cutting edge services and the best price on commodity services. We are not a vendor committed to selling any one product or service, and this allows us to provide our clients with objective advice on maximizing telecom service value. We unlock value for clients by ensuring their telecom services match business requirements and optimal pricing.

Committed To Results

We want our clients to get results. We do not charge clients up front fees for our Telecom Services Review. Our clients’ ongoing annual cost savings more than pay for implementation fees. Most clients can save 50% of their annual spend.


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